Longbow Ltd is highly committed to the environment. While ensuring that almost all our supplies come from ISO14001 certified companies, we are also the agents/ambassadors of some of the greenest companies.

We supply with glasses, bar and tableware products, Sola cutlery, take away products, Tork solutions, bags, table & kitchen Accessories, Cisne cleaning accessories, party products, SUTTER Cleaning Chemicals and insect control products.

Having the best partners means having the best products and we are proud of who we represent. BRC, Gold Plast, Kögler, Mazmik, Nupik, Okay piu’, Sutter, and Tork are 8 of our leading partners.

It’s always a good idea to get in touch with the experts. Longbow Limited is a fourth generation company, and today sells the vastest range of Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering supplies in Malta.



Longbow Ltd. is a fourth generation company. It has diverted business since 1938 where it used to operate under a different name. Market changes and trends were given due importance and internal changes to our products and modus operandi have changed to suit the times. Longbow sells the  vastest range of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering supplies in Malta, all under one roof, all on one catalogue.


With this understanding of market needs and more importantly, specific client needs, we sincerely feel up to the challenge of maintaining and improving on our market position. Our family atmosphere ensures a pleasant working relationship experience while optimizing all benefits for the good of your business.


The vastest range of Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering supplies at the click of a button.