Longbow’s Environmental Policy


At Longbow Ltd, environment is cradle to grave where is feasibly possible, and at times, even when not. We thrive and keep our eyes open for new green technologies to try and implement internally, but at times we fear that our lust to have a totally green operation is faster than the rate feasible environmentally friendly technologies become available. But where we can, we do, and we are proud to do so.


One of the ways we insure that our operations holds the lowest possible carbon footprint is by making sure our suppliers come with an ISO14001 or EMAS Certification, as well as being the agents/ambassadors of some of the worlds greenest companies;


Among these companies TORK is the most distinctive, endorsed by WWF as the greenest paper producer in the world, along with ranking second greenest in all companies worldwide. Every single piece of paper (napkin, tissue, hand towels etc) Longbow introduces into Malta is FSC certified, assuring that the materials used to make the paper come from sustainable forestation. We sell Eco Label cleaning chemicals from the world renowned brand Sutter Industries, low energy consuming insect control machines; furthermore, wherever we manage, we introduce/replace to bio-degradable technologies.


In addition to the above mentioned, Longbow Ltd is Malta’s main supplier of spill response consumables and equipment, being the representative for Vikoma international and Lubetech – and thus an integral player in the fight against marine oil spills.


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Please also feel free to ask us how we can be of assistance to your environmental concerns in relation to the supplies from Longbow. For example, several hotels are enjoying the praise that a certificate affixed to the lobby is generating, proving that all their paper comes from FSC certified forests.

Looking forward to hearing from you…