Longbow has been in operation since 1938, and indeed our main attribute is adaptation. This has allowed us to create a product range and list of services which fits perfectly in today’s professional world. We sell 4 main categories amongst which housekeeping products using world top brands like TORK and Sutter to all Malta’s sectors across the board. Our provenance is the catering world and thus, while the more recent Longbow started from food and beverage items (glassware, crockery cutlery etc), today the F&B section is the vastest on the market with available stocks to cater for the islands. The kitchen accessories and the take-away categories are also fully stocked giving options for 5 star silver service clients all the way to our favorite burger truck.  These categories remove your need to waste time buying different things from different suppliers, but to indeed entrust your requirements and problems to us, and we’ve got you – time after time.

Jack of all, Master of none – not in our case. We feel specialized on all the categories we sell with constant training from our peers resulting in an impeccable growth track record. We’re sure you’ll agree, our advice and guidance will be sterling to your business.

We believe and promote oneness in the company. As a result, our core value is to take care of each other full circle, company to the environment, directors to employees, employees to each other and employees to customers. This value which instigates respect, health, growth, development, and camaraderie has seen the company and its employees grow wholesomely and organically; and this creates good value to our clients and Malta.

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The Environment to us is a constant thought in our operations. While we worked towards various energy saving initiatives (and more to follow), our largest carbon footprint comes from the transportation of goods.  However, so far on the market there is no environmental solution for this – but we’re keeping a close eye on developments on large capacity electric delivery vans.  But we don’t stop there – as mentioned above, we take care of each other and thus the environment too – especially since we cannot neutralize our carbon footprint directly yet.  The Directors have planted over 2500 trees (and counting) to compensate for the carbon footprint we generate.  We’ve never actually calculated the carbon numbers, but its something – bit more than something actually. Our environmental efforts will continue as we truly realize that without a healthy planet-home, we cannot have a healthy life.

All our packaging waste is collected and recycled on our behalf since this service was available first in Malta.

Our focus however, and this is our main attribute towards the environment, is to purchase from highly environmentally certified companies (with EMAS or ISO14001 as a basic requirement). We only buy/sell FSC certified paper and carton thus ensuring all comes from sustainable forestation. The environmental certifications, attributes and documentation is somewhat overwhelming to the point that we assure people that for every tree cut to make your essential necessities, 3 trees are planted. And this is from forests which have been sustainably harvested for over 200 years. The detail we go into when it comes to the provenance of the goods is a painstaking job which makes us feel good doing. We thrive to remain agents and ambassadors to suppliers mainly from the EU with a high level of environmental and people care standards.

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